Fun Stories and Messages

Everybody needs to take a break every now and again, even while producing the Great American Home Page®. Here are a few documents that folks around here have found amusing enough to keep and mark-up for the Web. No doubt more things will be added from time to time.

Bullet Why Rock Musicians Always Look Steamed

Should really be called, "How to interpret dress codes for musicians, writers, and mechanics."
Bullet Revise the Titanic!
Seen this winter's hottest, most hyped movie (so far)? Wouldn't you love to make it a little more honest...
Bullet Blue M&Ms Genetically Inferior
Interim results from extensive field testing indicates that everyone's favorite new snack candy may not measure up.
Bullet I Like Monkeys
How one person finally got all their Christmas shopping done. Well, not exactly. This one's a little twisted, but then so are we...
Bullet Aliens Help NSA With Cryptography!
The truth behind the crytographic abilities of the United States' National Security Agency.
Bullet Early Man in Charleston County
Shocking evidence that the scientific community is once again suppressing evidence that doesn't fit with accepted and ordained theories. An admission of guilt from the Smithsonian Institute.
Bullet A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys
Why women should give these misunderstood, oft overlooked fellows a chance as a dating object and perhaps even as a mate. Heartily endorsed, naturally; and of course much the same argument could be made with the gender or gender preference of your choice.
Bullet VAXen, my children, just don't belong some places
No, this is not an old MIPSco or Sun marketing tract. This is a tale of what can happen when your state-of-the-fad technology gets deployed amongst people you've bypassed...

These documents are provided for entertainment only. Opinions expressed therein are not necessarily the views of CRASH!! Computing, its customers, employees or other affiliates.

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